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How to make WP curry?


Your ideas to codes.

I am Alex Leonard, a Freelance entrepreneur and web application developer from India with more than 20 years coding experience that includes 10 years at Plugin Results. I make WordPress better by building Webapps and plugins.
A die-hard PHP programmer and a fullstack coder with WordPress as my core platform.  I have provided simple solutions to complex problems.

I  built, maintain and support  Membersonic (Robust, feature rich Membership System), PrimeTime Webinar (Automated, Evergreen, and Hybrid Webinars), SonicIPN (Send IPN Notifications To Multiple Systems),  WP Course Plan (Course BUilder) and WP Content Plan (content builder) as WordPress plugins. Integrated APIs. seamlessly with WordPress MU to create very successful SAAS applications.

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