Spam Registration Slayer

Spam Registration Slayer @ Crazy Price Now!

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Spam Registration Slayer is a cute little WordPress plugin that does a BIG job

Catch Spam Registrations

When users use Disposable email ids in your Forms,  it is…

Caught right away and an alert displayed.

We all surely don’t want to add to our lead list email ids like…


This bloats the Database, Autoresponder list and the bills.  Website loading time increases with bloated Database.
Spam Registration Slayer

A simple Google search for Disposable Email  will return 10000s of results.  There are 10000s of domains that provide Fake/Temp/Disposable Email service for FREE.


Spam Registration Slayer WP plugin works on ALL FORMS
Registration, Leads, Downloads or  ANY FORM on your website.


There are Options to…

  • Send a friendly email to the fake email id requesting to use a genuine email id.
  • Block the form submission.
100%  FREE Support and Updates!

Spam Registration Slayer